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My desire Launching a satellite TV by the people and for the people. I was there in the field for Journalism and Media for the past Ten years and now running a Web TV successfully vide .  As we know so many channels are there and all of those were controlled by politician's and businessman's a channel must be brave and wont act for any kind of threatenings from anyone. Further should act on behalf of public health and Law's supreme. There is no use of following politicians, players, actors, movies, politics and breaking news of their personal affairs. A channel must travel with the good medium of public and speak about their issues until those were sorted out. That is my desire, I would like to launch a TV with the above qualities.

Accomplishment of my desire and your future generations life knowledge growth were handed over to your hands, your assistance may grow my desire and fulfil your requirements. You will be treated as a part and investor on your assistance basis.

My desire will lend its ear to your reasonable demands and orders.

Cheers from

Mr.Loganathan, Founder, Neerthirai.

+91 9940175124


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